In my childhood when my Granny used to apply home-made butter on my skin during winters, the first question I ask her, “Why are you massaging me with these sticky things?” She replies with a wide smile that she is buttering me for my future. Now after decades, I understand what she exactly means.

We are living in a world where getting a non-toxic product is a dream. Many beauty product brands claim they are producing organic and natural products but have we ever tried to know deeply about the ingredients used for the products!


The personal care industry is not regulated by any regulatory body. Which means they are free to use any ingredients to run their product well and to make them one of the best sellers. In this competitive era, the quality and genuineness of the product are sacrificed.

clean beauty

What is Clean Beauty?


Non-toxic beauty is otherwise known as Clean-Beauty, it doesn’t contain any toxic or harmful ingredients. The most alternate words we heard are ‘natural beauty’ or ‘green beauty’. Transparency Label is another benchmark of a clean beauty product. When any beauty product brand gives their best efforts to list all of their ingredients and label them accordingly, we can say, they’re on the right path to clean beauty.


Clean-Beauty may not be 100% perfect. But it should not contain any mysterious ingredients. The generation where beauty products are a necessity, not luxurious things, non-toxic beauty product became important for us.


Clean-Beauty products should be harmless for us regardless of whether or not they are organic. In order to get a clean beauty product first, we have to look for what to avoid.


clean beauty

List of harmful ingredients that makes a product toxic:

· Parabens

· Sodium Laureth Sulfate

· Fragrance

· Formaldehyde

· Polyethylene

· Phthalates

· Alcohol



Bottom Line: 

The clean beauty product is safe for us and also for our planet. It’s cruelty-free and free from harmful chemicals. We can use it for a long run and it will help in our beauty routine as well as takes care of our dermatological needs. All we have to do is to find the best suit product that falls under the clean beauty segment. Many of the products that are in our wardrobe shelf may belong to clean beauty category, but we hardly know about it. So, just grab your beauty product kit and check ingredients used for it and find out which are the Clean Beauty products and use them for your betterment.

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