By the time I post this article, the novel Corona virus has infected more than 6,97,000 across the world.

In India it has crossed 1000. Government has imposed lockdown to fight against the deadly virus to prevent it from spreading rapidly among mass. As the virus spreads from human to human , it is necessary to maintain social distance according to The World Health Organisation (WHO).

Here India is lockedown for 21 days and it may extend after if needed. We, the people who always wanted to get a vacation or break from our daily routine, are now confused and bored thinking what to do during this lockdown period.

So here are list of things to do during this corona virus lockdown while staying at home.

corona virus
corona virus

1. Reconnect with family and friends

Being stuck in our daily life hardly we get time to connect with our near and dear ones. Though we h ave contact numbers of many of them saved in our cell phone, we never get time to call them. So here is the perfect time to reconnect with family and friends.

Interesting thing is that they are also free from their busy schedule and it will be entertaining for both to gossip and recalling old good days.

2. Learn One New Skill

Learning new skills or upgrading it everyone’s wish now-a-days. But we never get enough time to pursue it. Here is a very good opportunity to learn new skills sitting at home.

There are many online platforms to learn the skills you always dreamt of. Some of them are udemy, coursera, skillshare. To know more of them click here.

3. Listen to Music

Music is the healer for many problems in our life. It is the best partner to spend your time with. Grab your gadget and get in to the world of music. It is the best eve option to spend you time during this lockdown. It also will help in spending your self-quarantine duration.

4. Read Books

Reading books or novels is the baap of all timepass and it gives you ample of knowledge and thrills you at the same time. Your favourite Book and a cup of coffee/tea can make your time memorable. Just give it a try.

5. Play Indoor Games with Family

Lockdown has banned us to go outside. But there are plenty of games we can play staying inside our home. Games like card games, Dice games, Chess, Carom are the most famous games among Indian and trust me these are interesting as well as helps in spending time with family.

6. Fitness, Yoga and Pranayam

Many of us must missing their morning walks off the street and daily workout at gym. We are in a situation where taking care of our lives are much more important than hitting the gym. But who told us not to take care of our body staying indoors? We can do Yoga and Pranayam to take good care of our health while saving our and many others life from this transmitting disease.

7. Do Silent Prayer

Prayer has the immense power to solve our problems and kill our sorrows. The present situation demands to stand strong against the Virus. Doctors, Healthcare professionals, Police, Cleaning staffs, Media and many other are doing their part of job staying out from their home. Our part of job is to stay at home and support them and pray for everyone there struggling with the current scenario. We can pray silently for the well being of everyone across globe.

8. Decorate the House

I have heard people complaining for not getting time to do their household things because of the busy schedules. Don’t you think this is a time when we can give our home a fresh new look! Just grab the broom and clean the house you stay in and give some love to the home by giving it a complete new look.

9. Do DIY

Do It Yourself is the new trend in present era. People loves to do DIY but lack of time does not allow most of us to live our hobbies. So, lockdown is the perfect time to do some creative DIYs. Some of the DIY ideas are like Creative wall hangings, Photo frames or making best out of waste.

10.Try Out Some New Recipes

Foodies knows the craze of trying various dishes. Cooking your own food has another level of satisfaction. But being busy all the time never permits us cook new items on regular basis. So this is the correct time to learn some new recipes and enjoy with family members.

11. Look at Old Photo Albums

Photos become memories when kept carefully. We are living in digital era when everybody has a mobile phone and thousands of photo are saved in it. But looking into an old photo album has a different charm. Why not try to find out those old albums and look in to it with whole family and relive old good days !

Final Words

The present time is very crucial for everyone amid the novel Corona virus. As there is no other medicines available than maintaining social distance and staying at home.

Please stay at home and stay safe as well as save lives. I can understand it’s very hard to spend sitting idle but not impossible if we do these small things sitting at home.

It will make our and our family’s live safe as well as prevent the deadliest virus from spreading. there are many rumours spreading about the novel corona virus.

To know the myths vs facts about corona virus click here

#StayHome #StaySafe #SaveLives Lets Fight together against Corona virus.

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