” Stay healthy stay fit ” is the motto. We should take proper care of our health no matter what.

Summer is around the corner and stared showing its effect in our life. Summer ! the season that turns our live up side down due to the hot weather, humidity and that sticky sweaty feelings.

But summer has its own charm and importance too. With the increasing global warming weather are showing their different sights and we have to be prepared for that. The temperature during this time increases the chances of falling sick.

Here are some tips to stay healthy this summer:

Stay Hydrated

Have you ever watched advertisements showing Sun consuming your energy ! It signifies the real issues during summer. So always drink plenty of water and consume water forms to stay hydrated. You can drink plain water, water with lemon, coconut water, juice. Carry a water bottle always with you. Don’t have soda and caffeine drinks at all.

stay healthy

Eat Vegetables and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits contains water substances and it is necessary to have a balanced diet with vegetables and fruits. This summer add some vegetables and fruits to your diet to stay fresh and healthy. Fruits like strawberry, mango, banana, pineapple, watermelon should be consumed during this hot weather. Cucumber is also a great choice to eat to hydrate your body.

fruits and vegetables

Eat Smaller and Lighter Meals

Many of us prefers to have heavy meal to avoid repetitive eating throughout the day. but we should eat smaller and lighter meals to stay active. Heavy meals takes time to digest and keeps you lazy and increases cholesterol. Junk foods and oily stuffs are better to be avoided. Add salad, leafy vegetables to your meal. Eat less in one go and stay active.


Apply Sunscreen

Summer is the season when Sun is at its peak in producing heat. Our skin is so sensitive to be exposed to the Sun. So, always apply sunscreen when stepping outside to protect your skin. Our skin needs extra care during summer and we have to keep it moistured during this time.


Practice Good Hygiene

During summer our body sweats a lot due to humidity and warm weather. Always take good care of your hygiene to avoid any skin related issues. Wash your hands and feet whenever you are coming from outside. Stay clean to avoid many bacterial infections during summer.


Travel Less Fun More

Summer is a time when schools and colleges get close. it is the perfect time when entire family stays together. Consider travelling to any of your favourite place that is less hot. Avoid staying outside all the time. You can have fun at water parks and spend you evening at a sea shore.

sea shore

Final Words

Weather changes are part of our life. We have to keep ourselves ready for every weather. Summer is a time when our health needs extra care. follow these basic steps to stay healthy throughout summer. Stay calm and stay happy.

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