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About Speak For Animals :

Speak For Animals  is a Non Profit Organization based in Bhubaneswar, Odisha provides 24*7 Animal Rescue, Home to Home Veterinary Services, Action Against Animal Cruelty, Vaccine & Supplements.

Founded in 4th March 2016, has won  many awards for their social work. 

Meet the guy behind the idea of Speak For Animals :


                                             Kusal Biswas : Founder of Speak For Animals Bhubaneswar

Kusal Biswas , the 24 years old guy is on a mission to rescue all kind of animals including large animals like eagles, owls, langoor monkeys. At his age when youngsters are focusing on building career and getting settled, Kusal has dedicated his life for the voiceless non human animals. Initially he faced many obstacles , but above all what matters the most for him was the well being of animals. People laughed at him, mocked him, called him crazy but nothing could stop him from his passion towards animals. A boy with a golden heart who is now running a shelter in Bhubaneswar , Odisha is famously known as “The Rescue Man” in and around the city is the proud and inspiration for many.

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Kusal has won many awards for volunteering for the cause and social work. His rescues have made headline in many platform and he has been appreciated for his contribution .

Here are some of the rescue stories which changed lives of many stray and neglected animals : 

Click on the thumbnail to start the video .

Rescues do come at a Cost,  because they apply the best Medicines, no compromise on the part of giving Animals what they Deserve, THE BEST. It is We ,who can help them grow. They need our help and support in forms of funds and kind to help the Poor Suffering Animals out there . Please Come Forward. United we Grow. They Deserve it too !

For Donate in Fund or Kind :

 Account Details.

Ac no. 0353101028675

IFSC :CNRB0000353, Speak For Animals, Canara Bank, Bapuji Nagar, Bhubaneswar.

Paytm number: 9777270804 Speak for Animals

UPI:- 9777270804@paytm

Gpay : 9777270804

Kusal and people like him can’t do much without our support. May be we are busy in our lives that we can’t support directly but at least we can help  and encourage them in any form, which will give them a motivation to rescue more and then our society will be the better place ,for We & Our Non-human Friends.