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Don’t Live Your life To Please Anyone Else. Don’t Live In Fear Of Getting Judged.

Most of the time deep inside we feel to say “NO” to something but due to any certain or uncertain reason we reply with a “YES”. Saying NO doesn’t mean you are a bad person but we can’t say because of an unseen fear.

What are the reasons behind it ? Why is it so difficult to say the word “NO” ? It’s just a two letter word, right?

Fear of getting Rejected !!!

Fear of feeling guilty !!!

Fear of loosing a relationship !!!

Whatever the reason is , just give it a thought why is it necessary to say YES to everything ???

In my life I have faced many awful situations just because I couldn’t say NO to something. I am also one of them who doesn’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings & up to some extent it’s good but when you neglect your own voice and self esteem to please everyone then you are doing injustice with yourself.

saying No is an art

Saying NO is an art . Not all people can do it, but everyone can give it a try. Because it’s better to say NO now, than be spiteful later.

Have you ever faced any situation when you really didn’t want to do something but said YES forcefully and regretted later ? Have you thought if you have said NO at first point for so and so thing , then things could be different right now ?

Days are gone when we were bounded with restrictions and couldn’t present our own view . We can say NO when we feel so. But the question is how to say NO ? What are the things I can say NO to?

learn how to say no
Learn how to say no

Helpful Tips :
  • Be Direct : Be straight and clear when you are refusing for something. Don’t make intermittent statements.
  • Don’t feel guilty : Don’t feel guilty or bad for saying “NO” or don’t give a list of reasons why couldn’t make it.
  • Be Polite : God has gifted us words to say , no other animal on earth speak except human beings. So no matter what we should be polite when we speak. Being rude destroys relationship – Remember this. Don’t be rude while saying ” NO “.
  • Don’t say I will think about it and let you know when you don’t want to do it actually. Do what you love and say NO what you don’t.

What Can I Say No to ?

Say NO to negative thinking :

Don’t say bad things about yourself . Don’t make yourself inferior than others. Be positive about own self. Don’t think like ” I can’t do it” .Being positive is the best thing we can do for our life.

Negative Self-talk:

Negative self-talk is a crime . Don’t be the victim.

Regretting about Past:

People used to think a lot about past and feel down for it all the time. I have met people who never want to come off from their past, which is the deadliest thing. Get off your past and look forward into future. past is something we can’t change or replace , so don’t dwell into it. Learn from it and move on.


Overthinking leads unhappiness and spoils our time and health. Say No to overthinking.

To know more about why do People overthink and how to overcome it please click here.

Criticizing others:

Criticizing others is a very bad habit. We shouldn’t make fun of other’s situation. Say NO to gossip on criticizing people. Remember, those who gossips about others can do the same our behind.

Buying things you don’t need:

Many times we buy things just like that. May be just because any of our friend or relative or colleague owns it. We never think whether we really need it or not? So don’t buy things you don’t need , it blocks your hard earn money and though you don’t need it , it may lie on any corner of your house.

Say NO to bad habits:

Say NO to your bad habits. Habits like skipping your meal, eating unhealthy food, consuming alcohol which may destroy our lives. don’t forget Life is very tricky. When we are on peak of wishing to live more and enjoy our bad habits can make our upside down.

Say NO to bad people:

Not all people around us bad but there are many who has bad intention towards us due to any reason. Say NO to them and stay away from them. Say NO to double faced persons.

Say NO to Excess of anything:

Excess of anything is good for nothing. Say NO to those Excess things. Watching TV , Being in social sites is OK but watching more than you should and can eat up your valuable time and can make u addicted to it. Never get slaved to these things.

Say NO to Unhealthy Relationships:

As a social animal , human loves to be in group, build relationships. But sometimes we get so blind being in a relationship that we can’t say No to the toxic part of it. Be mindful when you are in a Relationship and try to figure out the good and bad part of it. Stay away from a toxic and unhealthy relationship.

Say NO at Work when necessary:

We work to have a good and sound living. We earn to live , not live to earn. So learn to make work-life balance. Learn to say NO when don’t feel like working for any valid reason. May be You are not feeling well or any of your dear one needs you. Say NO to never taking time off. Say NO to do other’s part of job unnecessarily. Say NO to sacrifice your self-esteem.


BE BRAVE TO SAY NO. Learning to say “NO” has been one of the best part I have done for my own self. Cause sometimes it’s better to say “NO” rather than regretting later & saying “NO” is much more important than saying “YES”. Try to do it once for yourself. Acchha Lagta Hai (It Feels Good).

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  1. absolute points on “why do people overthink & how to overcome it”. such things are happening in life actually.

    1. Thank you for your valuable feedback

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