Sai Nagar Shirdi is not less than heaven for Sai devotees. A town in the state of Maharashtra, in western India holds a special place in every Sai devotees’ heart. From my childhood I am influenced by the teachings and practices of Sadguru Sai Nath. Shirdi, where Sai Baba lived his entire life is the place where you can feel his presence in present time too. 

I wanted to visit Shirdi since I knew Sai Baba, but as all of us know You can’t visit a pilgrimage without God’s wish; I didn’t get any chance to visit Baba’s place. But in the year 2018 , I got a blessed tour to Shirdi with Baba’s call.


                                      Original Photo Of the greatest saint Sai Baba

I along with my husband, traveled to shirdi from our home town Bhubaneswar. On tuesday we traveled by early morning train from Bhubaneswar and reached Manmad Jn. (60 km before shridi) next day morning. From Manmad we traveled by private taxi to shirdi temple which usually takes 1 and half an hour to reach. As we were very new to the place we booked our tickets from Bhubaneswar to Manmad Jn.

If you are travelling from Bhubaneswar you can get tickets till Sai Nagar Shirdi station which is very close (only 3 kms) to Samadhi Mandir. For other locations please check tickets from Your nearby station to Sai nagar shirdi station .


sai samadhi temple

                                                   Sai Samadhi Mandir, Shirdi

We have pre-booked a hotel in near by area of the temple which was 2.5 km before the territory of Sai Samadhi temple, but we changed our mind and booked another hotel in very near (500mtr distance )to the temple, which cost us less than the previous one and convenient to visit the samadhi mandir.

We went to the samadhi mandir for evening darshan. You can either pre-book the darshan pass online or can get it standing in queue in temples trust. Then we entered the samadhi mandir through gate no. 1 and in 30 mins we were there in front of Baba’s samadhi. 

The environment was fully blessed and name of Sai baba was reverbarating in the air. I stood like a statue the moment my saw Baba. Words are not enough to explain that moment when My eyes got the holly Darshan of My Guru, whom I admire the most. We offered our prayers , sicked blessings of Our Sai and got laddu prasad and udi.

Then we went to visit Dixit wada museum, which is situated in the premises of Samadhi mandir . Dixit wada musuem is completely dedicated to  holy goods used by Sai Baba. here you can see vintage pictures of Sai Baba along with his followers. It also showcase Baba’s leather padukas, long robs and smoking pipes,bathing stones, cooking utensils used by the great saint Sai Baba.


You can visit other places like Gurusthan, Nandadeep, Lendi Baug(where Baba loved to do gardening during his life time). There is also a Datatray temple in the area of samadhi mandir . Gurusthan is the place where Baba used to spend most of his times when he came to shirdi first. There is a Neem tree near Gurusthan, devotees do parikrama( move around the place in a circle). It is believed than the leaf of the Neem tree doesn’t taste bitter . If you are visiting  Shirdi any time don’t forget to visit Gurusthan and if you get a leaf of the tree keep it with you as a good luck . I too got a leaf by bless of Baba which is very rare to get in that place cause there is net surrounded beneath the tree .

gurusthan shirdi


The next day Thursday is also known as the day dedicated to Sadguru Sainath. On thursday sai satyanarayan puja is observed in satyanarayan hall . We booked our slot for the same one day before and got the chance to worship Sri Sai Satyanarayan puja which is also known as Sai satyabrata Puja. 

After madhyan aarati we visited  Maruti mandir, Khandova Mandir, Chavadi which is very near to samadhi mandir (where Baba used to stay every alternate night), Dwarakamai (Where Baba spent his whole life staying in that mosque. Baba called it as Dwarakamai Masjid. 

A place where everyone is welcome no matter of which  religion they follows. When you will enter Dwarakamai , on the left side you will find The holy Dhuni (from which Udi is formed). Oil paint of Sai Baba is placed in the heart of Dwarakamai which makes remember us that Baba is still there to protect us , to give us courage in bad times and to show us the right path.

                                                          Dwarakamai Masjid



When You are in Shirdi how could you miss the opportunity to have Prasad in Sai Baba Prasadalaya!! During our stay in Shirdi we had our meals in Prasadalay which is only 1.5km far from Sai Samadhi mandir. Sai Baba loves to feed everyone and during his life time he used to cook and feed with his own hands to his friends, and followers. 

Sai Baba Sansthan Shirdi follows the same path even today. His prasadalay has been termed as the World’s Largest Solar-Powered Free Food Kitchen. Never miss a chance to have prasad in Sai Baba’s Prasadalaya When You visit Shirdi. 


                                                                     The Prasadalay

It is a vast dinning hall with seating capacity of almost 5000 people at a time.

On every thursday evening Chavadi Yatra is perfomed in Shirdi temple where Sai Baba’s Palki visits from Dwarakamai to chavadi with lots of light and music. The tradition started from those days when Sai Baba was living in shirdi, he used to spend time in every alternate night. Chavadi is traditionally a village meeting place where villagers gather and solve there disputes.   

The procession we see today observed with the Padukas and oil paint of Baba from Dwarakamai to chavadi. It is a worth witnessing moment for every Sai devotee and we were also among the luckiest one to witness his chavadi yatra. 

Hope My experience during Shirdi visit will help you in any means. May Sai Baba bless you with all happiness. 

                                                                                                            Om Sai Ram

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