Hello Fellow Animal Lovers,

Here I am with a very debatable topic of “Animal Liberation” .

Welcome to the dedicated tab for our very dear Furry Friends.

Disclaimer – I am not a professional Animal Rescuer, Vet or Trainer…

So , any topic I am discussing here is completely my own prospective(I
believe many of you will agree with me). The motive of the future posts will be
focusing on the rights of our Non-Human Friends, who are there in our
surrounding but the most ignored one.

Let’s Speak about them , Cause they Deserve it.

Why did I choose the topic ?

We are living in a society where everyone has the rights to live, speak,do
what ever they want or feel. But what about those who can’t speak !!! I have
come across many people who name themselves as animal lover, & I think most
of us love animals. But the sad part of the story is maximum of us love to own
a breed one. How could you call yourselves animal lover when you discriminate
them based on there breed, locality, age !!

Have you ever thought about the stray animals (cows,calves,dogs,cats and
many more) around us? Have you ever looked at their live ? How they are living
on the roads? How they live days without food? What happens to them when they
meet with an accident, fall sick ?

A stray is someone who doesn’t have a home or place to live. Animals become
stray cause of mainly 2 reasons. Either born on the road or abandoned by

So, Let’s stop discriminating and raise hands for the needy
and be the voice of those voiceless. Our small helps can make a big difference and change their whole life.


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