Who Am I !!!

Just A Random Girl !!!

I may be a Friend !!

I may be a Mentor !!

I may be a Competitor!!

May Be …

Who can Answer Who Am I ?

The only person who can answer this is “YOU”.

I am the one You See & Find in Me.

I am a very positive and Practical Person. I am the one who fills the glass of water when there is a debate on ” Whether the glass is half empty or half full “.

I think less about Problems and more about possible solutions.

A keen listener and a great communicator. I love interacting with people & asking questions. But when my questions are unanswered , I seek resources to answer them myself.

I love thinking out of the box and at the same time I love sharing my Ideas and Experiences with others.

That’s why I am HERE , to share my thoughts and to listen what you think. To show my prospects of life and to know how you observe things.

So What are we waiting for !!! Let’s connect & exchange THOUGHTS.

With Love


It always seems impossible until its done. That's what inspired me the most to dive in to the world of Writing.

Hi !!

I am Anurakta , a Professional Freelancer. I provide services in Content Writing for Agencies and Websites.
A Postgraduate in MBA (HR & Marketing), having working knowledge in Customer Service and Banking Domain Operation. My area of interest is Content Writing.

Though writing was always my passion but I recognised the writer in Me, in My Late 20’s. & now I’m on a never ending journey with Writing. I love to play with Words & they thrills me.

My Content types include:
 Blog Writing
 Social Media Writing
 Creative Writing/Story Telling
 Web Content Writing/SEO Content writing
 Copywriting

I am a Certified Digital Marketer & WordPress Website Builder.

I own 2 Websites
* anuraktaprusty.com (My Personal Blog) that covers various niches and topics. Basically the site is for showcasing my Love for Writing.
* digitalmarketinginsider.online which is everything about Digital Trends.
Guess what ! I am the Writer and Editor for my website.

Although my experience as a Content writer is still so fresh (I believe nobody is expert in any field, there’s a lot more thing to learn), but I assure you will get the best work ever if you hire me as your Freelance writer or ghost writer if you are looking for a fresh and unique contents.

Why hire me?
* I am certified Digital Marketer having understanding of SEO that will help you in getting SEO contents.
* I have strong research skills , and good research is key for good content writing. It adds credibility and,
most importantly, value.
* I have the ability to meet the deadlines.
* I provide unlimited revisions.
* I handle every project personally.
* I write unique and plagiarism free content.

What is my Niche?
Writing is something that comes from your inner world. I, as a writer don’t believe in sticking to a particular niche. That restricts your passion for writing. If, you want to know more specifically then below are some of the topics I absolutely love to writing about.
* Digital Marketing & Trends
* Travel & Explore
* Beauty & Healthcare
* Relationships
* Thoughts
* Introspection and Self Improvement
* Pets & Animals
* Honest Reviews of Movies|Series|Products
* Short Stories
* Food

What are my other Skills?
SEO,SMM,Adwords,Content Marketing,Affiliate Marketing,Google Analytics,AdSense,WordPress,Graphic Design,Copy editing,Proofreading,Transcribing,

For work samples check My Blog or click here. If you are interested in hiring me, mail me directly at anuraktaprusty@gmail.com