उत्सवे व्यसने चैव दुर्भिक्षे राष्ट्रविप्लवे

राजद्वारे श्मशाने च यस्तिष्ठति स बान्धवः ॥

utsave vyasane chaiva durbhikṣe raṣṭraviplave

rajadware smasane cha ya tiṣṭhati sa bandhavaḥ ॥

Meaning : He is a genuine Friend , who stands by your-side in Celebration, Misfortune, Scarcity, During Plunder, at the Royal Court and in the Funeral Yard.


Every living being on earth needs relationship to survive. Apart from the basic needs every one needs someone to support them, protect them or to live with. Without relationships life will be like a desert. Starting from a small insect to large species every single animal needs a companion. Though many relationships are born with our birth, except some : FRIENDSHIP is the only Relation everyone can freely choose.

friends forever

When life gives us a chance to make friends we make many. Some of them stay for a while and some of them stays forever. Some of them just come and go like that. A single moment is also enough to build a ziggurat of friendship. Good friends give us memories while bad one gives us lessons.

It’s not that easy to know what kind of friendship you are in but there are ways to know whether you are in a good one or not.

Are you struggling with a bad relation with any of your friend/friends?

Are you confused about the genuineness of friendship?

Want to know the signs of a bad/toxic friendship?

No idea how to tackle a toxic friendship?

You are in the right place for all the answers for your questions.

How to know you are in a toxic friendship:

  • Double faced behavior. Those who speak something in-front of you and something else in your back.
  • Criticize or blame you for everything.
  • Can’t see your improvement.
  • Always tries to manipulate you and control you.
  • Feels jealous for your achievements and other stuffs in life.
  • Always shows you negative sides .
  • They use or ask every favor they can take from you but returns nothing when you need them.
  • They remember you when they need you.

How to tackle a toxic friendship:

Not all friends are that bad , nor all of them know they are being toxic. So first of all try to know whether your feelings towards the person’s behavior is accurate or not. Try to find out it is so or not as it seems. Sit with your friend for a friendly discussion about the reasons of their behavior and let them know what are the things hurt you.

Always remember the good and genuine one are easy to discuss any matter with and will support you with every aspect , where as the bad will defend themselves only. Be careful when taking any decisions related to your friendship. Because brake ups are not only for lovers , sometimes its mean for friends too.

  • Be specific and to-the-point when you are discussing with your friend about the problems.
  • Ask their opinion for the particular behavior.
  • Make yourself priority when discussing, but give attention to their part too.
  • When your friend do not shows interest in resolving things and let it be as it is, understand that its time to move on for your well-being.
  • Be brave when braking up with your toxic friend. Don’t hurt them by saying any hard words but make them aware why you are leaving.

Life is nothing without Friendship but a bad friendship can ruin your life. Many examples are there where brilliant students get spoiled just because of bad companion. So mind your brain when making friendship and the moment you realize its intoxicates its time to keep distance.

Don’t get trapped in bad friendship , cause Only 1 good friend is much more better than 100 fake friends.

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  1. “Brake ups are not only for lovers, sometimes its mean for friends too.”
    Well said. & steps are quite avious about how to tackle a toxic relationship.

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation. I have not faced any compatibility issue until now. It takes R&D to develop a website that fits every browser and screen size. For details please write a mail on anuraktaprusty@gmail.com I would love to help you. Keep reading

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    1. Thank you so much for liking the blog. Keep reading

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