She has cleared the written examination with highest marks.

Company called her for F2F interview. She reached on time fully prepared with possible questions.

She was looking confident while waiting for her turn. Why won’t she ! She had working knowledge and experience. Interviewer called her name. She got inside the chamber.

She faced every question confidently. Most of the questions were not related to the job she applied for.

Every alternate questions were about her personal life, her age, why didn’t she get married, her plans for marriage and after marriage life, family plans, whether there is any plan to leave the company once she get married etc etc etc…

She felt awkward. Is she facing a job interview or a marriage proposal interview 🤔 !!

Interviewer asked her to leave for the day. Result was declared. She got rejected.

PS : she answered every technical questions correct(appreciated by interviewer) &scored high in written exam & She had relevant working experience.

Why do women face questions related to their marriage and family planning, husband, babies, in laws !!

Why interviewers think she won’t be able to manage everything if she is married or once she get married!!

Source: True Story

Penned by Anurakta Prusty

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