Dear Young Anurakta,

I know you must be chilling out and thinking about your bright future. I believe you are taking all the necessary steps required for being good at yourself. So, I want to make you aware of some of the mistakes or misconceptions about your thoughts, which will help you in growing into a better version of yourself. One day you will create your journey and will be a unique person.

  • Do not believe every person who passes by your life. Try your intellectual to judge the person’s intention. It will help you from getting into any kind of bad relationship.
  • Learn to trust yourself first. Lack of self-trust leads to many problems in life. Believe me, you are the best and you can do anything and everything you want.
  • Read regularly. I know dear, you do not love to read that much these days. But trust me Reading more will make you more aware of things and you will explore a completely new world. So, start reading.
  • Don’t behave stubbornly with Mom and Dad. They love you from the core of their heart.
  • Inspire yourself daily. Because if you will not inspire yourself, no one gonna do that for you.
  • Don’t let other people rule your life. Don’t be a slave to them. Be the Princess of your Kingdom and wait for the right one to enter into it. Trust me You are going to have a lovely life partner in future. Don’t waste your time for shit peoples.
  • Be kind to everyone and love all. Always follow your heart but never forget to take your mind with you.

I Love You and I hope you will execute my pieces of advice in your life which will save you from unnecessary problems in your coming future

                                              With Love


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