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Humans are the most civilised creation on earth. We have the ability of thinking and speaking. As we know power brings responsibility , these two gifts from God has brought many responsibilities on our shoulder.

As a member of the society we are living in, often we get suppressed under the rules and regulations set by our forebear. Many times for the shake of others we ignore our self-value and try our best to please everyone.

But have you ever thought why is it necessary to please others?

Not really. We only follow others. Nobody wants to change their way of living. Because we think it may result into something bad. Thinking about future and consequences of our attempts towards changes scare us.

Words like self-esteem, self-care, self-value, self-respect, self-worth and self growth means nothing until we start caring for ourselves. God only helps those who help themselves. So, first of all we have to give value to ourselves to be valued by others.When it comes to self worth, our own opinion matters the most despite of anything. And even the opinion should be more valuable and thoughtful and carefully figured out.

Self worth and self growth are just like two sides of a coin- they complete each other. Without worthiness we can’t grow in life.

Here are 8 tips to worth yourself and grow in life.

Love yourself

We are living in a modern society where everybody is busy in pleasing other individual. Whether in family or workplace, we are always focusing on keeping everyone happy around us.

But we are forgetting to care for the most important person: Ourselves. yes, you are the most important person in your life. Always focus on keeping yourself happy.

No matter what ever you do, it’s impossible to satisfy everyone. But it is very easy to satisfy yourself. So, start loving yourself from now.

love your self

Be around positive people

Positivity is not less than miracle. An old saying states,

“The effect of association has a great impact on your self development.”

You became like the type of people you are surrounded with. So always stay around positive people. people who are lifting themselves despite any situation are people who can lift you up.

Look for your friend circle and try to know the type of attitude and behaviour of the people who share your bond with. There must be someone who may inspire you. Be with them and be like them. Get motivation from them and learn how they deal with bad situation and stay positive.

be around positive people

Learn to say No

Saying No is more important part in self growth. Saying NO is an art . Not all people can do it, but everyone can give it a try. Because it’s better to say NO now, than be spiteful later.

Learning to say No helps in keeping your self worth. Saying No doesn’t mean you lack anywhere. It means you are giving your own self value and staying away from those don’t help you.

Saying NO is More Important than saying YES

learn to say no
Learn how to say no

Be Grateful

Be grateful for what you have. We should practice gratitude. It’s easy to complain for everything but it’s difficult to be grateful. Why not you being an exception and practice gratitude!

When you start accomplishing things, you may feel inner peace. Everything in life happens for a cause and we should experience every situation in our lives to be strong enough.


You’re unique: Celebrate it

Every living being are unique in their way. Uniqueness is a God gifted thing. Your uniqueness is what draws people to you. What makes you different from others is the best part that explains your character.

Always celebrate your uniqueness and keep your special characteristic alive. Life is too short for obeying others set up rule. Why not start setting up your own rules!


Forgive & Forget

We come across people who hurt us. Situations that break us. Times that scratch our inner soul. But do you think all these are permanent trauma? No, they are not. People and situations are worthless without our reaction.

Be strong enough to forgive people and forget bad time. Learn Moving on.

forgive and forget

Be confident

As I mentioned earlier it is impossible to please everyone, there is no need to act as per others convenience. Be yourself and be confident. Being confidence is being yourself with out thinking what others say or think about you. Confidence is attractive and makes you stronger.

Stay aware about your lacks and confident about your strength. Confidence attracts courage and resolution for your tough time. It helps you when nothing else works. Be confident in life and face every situation courageously.


Focus on what you can control

Many things in life are beyond our control. But there is still something left we can control. Never focus on things beyond your hold. Always find what you can control. It’s a truth that we can’t control the outcome but it’s in our hand how we deal and react to it.

Be thankful when someone helps or support you, help people when you can, mind your reaction to situations. These small small things can make a great change in your life. Focusing on things we can’t handle is like holding fire in bare hands. It only leaves wounds and pain.

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